Re: Athearn Flat Cars

Mark Mathu

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Unfortunately, the answer is almost none. Back in the dark ages, when
these models were tooled, little thought was given to prototype
accuracy and the resulting models are generic (i.e., imaginary). The
40' flat is fairly close to a Rutland prototype (though that wasn't
intentional); the 50' flat doesn't resemble any prototype cars, though
it can be cut up into sections and kitbashed into models that are
relatively prototypical.

Some notes I have say the closest matches are:

Athearn #1349 40' Flat Car

Athearn #1399 50' Flat Car
MP 8000-8099 converted for TOFC service with 13 stake pockets

Mark Mathu
Whitefish Bay, Wis.

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