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Richard Hendrickson

On Mar 2, 2007, at 1:19 PM, Mark Mathu wrote:

Some notes I have say the closest matches are:

Athearn #1349 40' Flat Car
True, the 2700-2799 series; years ago I wrote an RMJ article on modeling these cars by reworking the Athearn flat car. Note, however, that in 1945 only 55 of these cars were in revenue service (a few had been converted to low-side gondolas and the rest were in MW service and did not go off-line). By 1953, the number of revenue service cars had been reduced to 38. So the likelihood of these cars turning up in interchange on other RRs was very small.

Athearn #1399 50' Flat Car
MP 8000-8099 converted for TOFC service with 13 stake pockets
I wouldn't call that a close match, since the MoPac cars were 45' long (45'9" over strikers), which renders the Athearn model 5' too long.

With all the prototypically accurate flat cars that are now on the market (Red Caboose, Proto 2000, Walthers, Tichy, Bowser, et. al. in styrene and numerous others in resin), why mess around with the Athearn clunkers, which don't measure up to current standards even when extensively reworked? YMMV, of course.

Richard Hendrickson

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