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Posted by: "ed_mines" > Would specialized box cars like double door cars, 50 ft. cars & hide
loading cars be set aside in larger yards?

No, unless there were enough cars of a type, e.g. grain boxes in a loading area, to justify a track for them. specialized empties with no as yet assigned destination would be put in the hold track. All large yards had one or more hold tracks ito which were switched cars without bills, cars awaiting assignment, etc. Typically a hold track would be humped once a day.

Would a line of beat up cars near the end of their lives be realistic?
I like those cars so I'd like to be able to have a lot of them, maybe
more than would be justified otherwise. I've seen some yard photos where there seem to be a disproportionate number of double door box cars in a line.

If there were enough such old cars, they would be set aside on their own track just to get them out of the way of switching. Usually railroads would like for little used tracks away from main classification tracks to store these cars.


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