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On Mar 1, 2007, at 8:34 PM, Dean Payne wrote:

.... my current question regards the drover's doors. There are two
pairs provided, but the instructions do not have a good enough
photo to be able to tell which goes with the early A.T.&S.F.
lettering. (I> > model 1937.)

Depends on the class, Dean. Classes Sk-Q, Sk-R, and Sk-S (with
vertical staff brakes) were delivered with the wood-framed drover's
doors, and kept them into the 21950s before they began to be replaced
with metal-sheathed doors. Classes Sk-T and Sk-U (with Ajax hand
brakes) had the metal-sheathed doors from the beginning.

Richard Hendrickson
Thanks for the info. I almost forgot what I first wante to write
about. There are 3 small U shaped pieces, but there are a pair of
mounting holes on the drovers' doors, and TWO pairs of holes on the
single-deck door. Does this mean 2 loops for the doors and an extra
loop, or did I lose one of my loops? I can bend some (Tichy) wire if I
need a fourth... or sixth. Again, the included
instructions/illustrations make no mention of the loops. Nice car, but
the instructions are missing a few details.
Do the poling pockets look funny to anyone else? Instead of a shallow
bowl shape, they don't appear to have been fully molded. They look a
little hollow.
I can fill that in with some Squadron putty. But, what about the door
Dean Payne

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