Pre 1945 Scheme B&O Boxcar Photos

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While the post-1945 paint color for B&O boxcars is pretty well
documented for modeling purposes (zinc-chromate primer is good start).
I am looking for more information about the pre-1945 color. Pre-1945
paint schemes are associated with a darker, more brown color. The
schemes are at . Polly
Scale Roof Brown is a good starting point for this pre-1945 scheme
according to popular accounts. I am looking for color photos of the
pre-1945 scheme/paint color that may be in the background of your
photos of your favorite lines.

While searching my B&O color photos, I found many boxcar photos for
other lines. I presume your favorite line's color photos might have
an older B&O paint scheme photo in them. I am happy to let anyone
know about their favorite lines freight cars in B&O photos in exchange
or as asked. The older scheme I am looking for has a Capitol Dome
without the "linking 13 states" on the outside and in a photo taken
before 1955 when the scheme changed again. Thanks in advance for your

Bruce D. Griffin

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