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The December 2000 RMJ Hawkins article contains a roster of the AAR Emergency 50-Ton Composite Hoppers based upon ORER information. This roster shows that as of April 1957, the Wabash had 398 of the original 400 cars still in service and of composite construction. The entry for January 1958 shows the same 398 cars still of compostie construction. The entry for January 1959 shows them to be all steel.

There is a second chart in this article which provides some building information, etc. The note for the Wabash cars states "Wabash cars rebuilt 1958."

In the second article, there is also a photo of WAB 39152 and the caption indicates it was rebuilt "circa 1958."

It looks as though these cars were rebuilt after your August 1957 era.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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I recently acquired a Wabash steel-sided WW2 War emergency hopper. I was
surprised the car has a NEW date of 5-59. Apparently the Wabash considered
them new cars for accounting purposes when they were resided. I thought
this practice was no longer allowed after the early 1950's. When did the
Wabash start to replace the sides with steel plate? According to the Model
RR magazine index website, Ed Hawkins did a two part article in the December
2000, and April 2001 issues of RMJ. Did either of these articles discuss the
Wabash cars rebuilt with steel sides? My main quandary is I model August
1957, can the model be renumbered to fit within my era. Thanks for any help?
Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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