Reefer Round-up

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

Over the past year or so I've been buying car kits with the eventual goal of populating my future (and frequently changing) layout. Now that I've got the track plan down pretty well I find I've got about twice as many cars as I need and a good number that are incorrectly marked or just bad models. I've been able to sort through the general freight cars pretty well but the refrigerators are a much tougher nut to crack. With your help I'd like to cull the reefers as well. So, what can the following kits best be used to model, or close with some work? (What I think I know about them is parentheses. . .)

Red Caboose 44xx (PFE R-30-12-9; others?)

Intermountain 405x (PFE R-40-23, but can be made into an MDT 9000 with ends from Athearn 40 ft steel reefer and some tweaking; others?)

MDC 31xx "36 ft Meat Reefer" (CRLX 5701-5850 or 5901-6100 with detailing)

Athearn 50xx "40 ft Steel Reefer" (PFE R-40-23, but can be made into an MDT 9000 with some tweaking; others?)

Tyco wood side reefer (PFE R-30-18)

Walthers 25xx "40 ft meat reefer" (GATC horizontal sheathed; various lessees with new sills, doors, ends, roof?)

Industrial Rail wood reefer (ex-Life-Like?, ex-Varney?, metal roof)


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