Re: Reefer Round-up

Tim O'Connor

Kurt wrote

Red Caboose 44xx (PFE R-30-12-9; others?)
The original Red Caboose tooling had issues, I think these were
400x, 410x, 420x kits. The revised body was 415x kits. The only
44xx kit I have is painted for NP -- this is a revised body but
is completely wrong for NP.

Intermountain 405x (PFE R-40-23, but can be made into an MDT
The R-40-23 is dead-on accurate for PFE and NP. For MDT I stick
with resin kits! The Athearn end by the way is the same -- you'll
need a resin MDT end from Stan Rydarowicz.

MDC 31xx "36 ft Meat Reefer" (CRLX 5701-5850 or 5901-6100)
You need to subscribe to the RPI web site! :-) (John Nehrich has
identified some similar prototypes.)

Athearn 50xx "40 ft Steel Reefer" (PFE R-40-23, but can be made
into an MDT 9000 with some tweaking; others?)
"Tyco Toss"

Tyco wood side reefer (PFE R-30-18)
Ditto, naturally.

Walthers 25xx "40 ft meat reefer" (GATC horizontal sheathed; various
lessees with new sills, doors, ends, roof?)
Walthers did two different versions of the ends for this car. One is
correct for the Milwaukee lease cars. I think the other is correct for
some meat reefers (e.g. Armour). Sunshine did the Milwaukee car.

Tim O'Connor

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