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There was some anthracite found in Arkansas in the large cola fields along
the Arkansas River northwest Little Rock. Also the bituminous coal found in
western end of the Arkansas coal field was high grade metallurgical coal. I
understand a lot of the metallurgical coal went west to Colorado and Utah.
I also under the anthracite was used at least in the region for home
heating. I would have to look at the D&R by Bill Pollard to back these
facts up.

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I don't know if anthracite was found along the MP, but I've
seen photos of lots of MP coal hoppers in the Santa Fe yard
in San Bernadino, California. I guess this coal came from
Missouri or Illinois.

At 3/1/2007 02:16 PM Thursday, you wrote:
The most interesting part of the discussion of various uses of
anthracite, and its shipment in Reading hoppers, is that it may explain
the photo I have of a Reading hopper in Los Angeles in the early 1960s.

Tony Thompson

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