Re: Athearn Flat Cars

B.T. Charles

Chuck, Mark and List Members,

the most recent roster I have stated
2700, 40' GMRC, sold 1987 somewhere in Manchester, VT, private
property, converted to a bridge
2709, 40' GMRC 2640, ex-Rutland 4020 Jordan p52, to UHRRR 1999
2762, 40' GMRC, to DRM/RRET
2777, 40' GMRC, Steamtown, PA, storing wheel lathe 84, restored w/
marble load `99
27xx, 40' VTR 5000 (1990's?)

The July ORER states that
25 - 2700-2799 flats
14 - 4000-4034 gon sides
8 - 4500-4509 gon sides
Of these cars in service, I would hazard a guess that only the gons
would have been in interchange for limestone service (paper), and the
unmodified flats were used mainly for ferry moves of marble.


RUTLANDRS@... wrote:

The best I could find on the Rutland series cars was that they
numbered in the 2700-2799 series and were black. In '53 only 30
remained. A
couple of years ago they were:

2700 used as a bridge
2709 on the Green Mountain Railway
2762 At the Danbury Railway Museum in Danbury CT
2777 At Steamtown displayed with a marble load

Chuck Hladik

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