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David Ball

Stan Rydarowicz did an article on kitbashing the IM R-40-23's into MDT
reefers in the May 99 Railmodel Journal. I don't have it hand, but from
memory it covered the ends, and it had his address as well to buy them if

There was some good reason why he cast the kitbashed ends, although I can't
remember if it was because they require so much work that he'd rather cast
them than kit bash more, of if he was just planning on doing enough it was
worth his effort.


David Ball


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Intermountain 405x (PFE R-40-23, but can be made into an MDT
The R-40-23 is dead-on accurate for PFE and NP. For MDT I stick
with resin kits! The Athearn end by the way is the same -- you'll
need a resin MDT end from Stan Rydarowicz.

KL> I was wondering about this. I have a MM 5/02 article by Roger Hinman
where he shows four different ends applicable to what he calls "M6" cars or
those built between 1947 and 1958. Also, in the archives I found this:

"Richard [Hendrickson] wrote: "The main problem in using IM's R-40-23 model
to represent an MDT 9000 series cars is that the ends are wrong. Other minor

details need modification as well, but it's a relatively easy kitbash,
leaving the factory lettering on the sides intact. The MDT cars had 3/4
improved Dreadnaught ends, not the 3/3 ends on the model (which are, of
course, correct for the PFE R-40-23s). I got a pair of replacement ends by
cutting them off an old Athearn reefer roof and carving and filing off the
ladders, grabs, and other molded-on junk. Turned out to be a lot easier
than it looked, as was taking the ends off the Intermountain car."

In the kits I have the IM models have 3/3 IDEs while the Atherns are 3/4
IDE. As a side note, I picked up two undec IM kits for $11.50. Eac had a
set of Details West 4/4 Sq DEs, a set of Champ ART decals, and a set of
Grandt Line reefer details. What do you think the original owner was trying
to create?

Why type of ends does Stan sell? What's his address?

MDC 31xx "36 ft Meat Reefer" (CRLX 5701-5850 or 5901-6100)
You need to subscribe to the RPI web site! :-) (John Nehrich has
identified some similar prototypes.)

KL> I do, but honestly some othe stuff is old, a lot of the photos don't
come up, and there are some errors, such as saying the Tyco car is "is
actually pretty close to the PFE's R-40-10" when it should be -18, -19,
and -21. It's hard to pick out just which prototypes go well with a
particular kit from the site. I actually found his MR article to be a
better starting point. I picked the Cudahy cars because that's what Richard
Hendrickson modeled in his RMC article (one of the few authors that I assume

to be prima facie correct).

Athearn 50xx "40 ft Steel Reefer" (PFE R-40-23, but can be made
into an MDT 9000 with some tweaking; others?)
"Tyco Toss"

KL> Yeah, maybe.

Tyco wood side reefer (PFE R-30-18)
Ditto, naturally.

KL> Oh come on, it looks like fun!

Walthers 25xx "40 ft meat reefer" (GATC horizontal sheathed; various
lessees with new sills, doors, ends, roof?)
Walthers did two different versions of the ends for this car. One is
correct for the Milwaukee lease cars. I think the other is correct for
some meat reefers (e.g. Armour). Sunshine did the Milwaukee car.

KL> I think I have the earlier release as described by Nehrich and would
like to do a PCX/TRAX car if anything. This will require a diagonal roof, I
think, in addition to other stuff.


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