Re: OT Cocoa Beach PR

Douglas Harding

This is because Mike persuaded the local NMRA region/division to be the
sponsor of the Cocoa Beach meet, making it an official NMRA event. Thus
Cocoa Beach qualifies for NMRA event insurance coverage.

Naperville is not an NMRA event, never has been. So hence, no insurance
coverage via the NMRA. I believe No insurance coverage at all.

While still Off Topic, there is a movement in the NMRA to require attendees
at NMRA sponsored events to be NMRA members for said events to be covered by
NMRA insurance. Apparently the underwriter assumes this is already the case.
For National NMRA it is, if you are not a member when you register, you
become one with a surcharge on your registration (the 6 mo package I
believe). This is causing no end of consternation at the local meet level in
my area, for we do not require proof of NMRA membership for people to
attend. And the implications are we will have too, making the meet an
exclusive, elitist event (a big complaint about the NMRA to begin with).

I don't know the full implications to the various Prototype Modeler Meets,
where to like to show off our steam era freight cars and share information.
If sites require sponsoring groups to prove liability insurance coverage (we
do in the church when non-church groups ask to use our building) it could be
the end of such meets. And like it or not liability insurance is a must

Enough off topic, lets get back to freight cars from the days when insurance
was not such a concern.

Doug Harding

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