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When I was SVRR&MCo I found out Walthers stocks very very little stuff of the small manufactures. I went to Denver to see Front Range when he was still in Denver area. He took me down to Caboose Hobbies and introduced me. That person ask if I was still in business because he could not get my kits. Well the way Walthers does it is they do not stock. They take your order and then Back orders you. He then sends it to me to fill. When he gets it back from me he ships it to you. Caboose Hobbies would not let Walthers B/O so I told him to order direct and I would take care of him. By the time I had sold SV I was doing very little with Walthers. Most of my business was direct to the dealers.
If Walthers was a Beer producer he could not do what he does. You can not produce Beer, Be a distributor and a retailer. You can be only one. Wathers is a manufacture, a Distributor and a hobby shop. IMHO This is wrong. They should be only one.
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Larry Jackman
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On Mar 8, 2007, at 3:45 PM, Garth G. Groff wrote:


I used to order from Walthers through Terminal Hobby shop (their retail
arm?). I've had both good and bad experiences. Of course, any decent
hobby shop that wants to keep your business will usually special order
this stuff for you. The problem with ordering is that it is fun, and
sometimes enlightening, to look at this stuff closely before you buy.
You might discover that a part really isn't what you need, but you might
also find another part that you just had to have for some other project.
On my forays into that store near Bellows Falls (Caboose Corner was its
name, IIRC), I was usually looking for the Intermountain parts the
store carried in depth. To my delight, the owner had just opened a box
of Branchline parts the morning I dropped by, and hadn't even had time
to put them up on pegs. I found all sorts of good stuff, and dropped

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