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... Branchline makes the earlier version ZU eave (aka overhanging)
diagonal panel roof, but for a more refined version of that roof,
buy one of the
Athearn North American (NACC) undecorated box cars. The undec version
comes with two ZU eave roofs -- Stanray, and Pullman Standard. Both
of them
are excellent, and both are appropriate for some pre-1960 freight cars.

Tim, it might make a difference to some that the 50ft Athearn Genesis
diagonal panel overhanging eave roof you're referring to from the NACC
boxcar is several scale inches shorter than the Branchline and Moloco
roofs. I've found that matters. The tooling is sweet though.

The Athearn numbers for for the undec models are G4430 (Superior plug
door) and G4431 (Pullman-Standard plug door). Both kits come with
P-S and Stanray diagonal roof castings (and also note, two pairs of
Genesis 70-ton roller bearing trucks, with and without truck-mounted
brake cylinders).

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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