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Yep, your brain cells are still hitting on all cylinders. :-) Ron
four road names. The C&EI cars had a "Buy War Bonds" logo... IIRC
some of the cars originally had black painted doors, a detail DPH
have overlooked.
In fact, there were two C&EI kits, one with the War Bonds slogan
one without.

Richard Hendrickson
FWIW, a few years ago I ordered the War Bonds C&EI car since I model
1943. It was a great kit to assemble.
Later I happened to be looking through some WWII era "Railroad"
magazines and found in one a reference about C&EI painting this
slogan on some cars, listing the car number of the first car to be so
painted. I checked my model and found that it had the same number.
DPH is to be commended for outstanding prototype research.

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