new approach to stocking freight car kit parts


Kodos to Andy Carlson for offering kits and parts for steam era
freight cars and manufacturers like Intermountain & Red Caboose who
sell parts at very attractive prices.

Can I suggest that hobby shops that stock parts make their
inventories available online to service mail orders?

It would be easier to order parts and general hobby supplies from
several companies from one source rather pay shipping several times.
We shouldn't begrudge them if they charge full price.

Parts usually don't move at a general hobby shop, especially now
there are so many.

Mike has censured many of messages criticizing the business practices
of the Walthers company. They are in business to make money, not
serve the hobby. Until a recent post it never occured to me that
manufacturers pay them to be listed in the Walthers catalog. I hope
their business practices come back to bite them in the ass.

My "local" hobby shop - Trainland in Lynbrook - appears to be doing
very well (haven't been inside in a few years). They charge full
price for paint, adhesives ......Parts? ha,ha.


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