C&EI 1912 Gondola

Paul Hillman

In the May 1959 issue of MR there is an article about building a C&EI
41'-6" gondola. This car was shown built on a recent P:48 group.

The article states that the cars were built in 1912 & 1913 by
American Car and Foundry, as composite types, steel & wood. In 1959
the C&EI still had 300 in use.

It states that in 1927 the wood in the sides was replaced with steel
and in 1955-56 the cars had wood floors installed.

Also it says that the cars had both/either braced flat steel ends or

These dates are not really clear about the facts.

1-Is there a kit similar to these cars?
2-Did none of the cars have wood sides/ends after 1927?
3-Did the cars have only steel floors before 1955?
4-Were dreadnaught ends added when converted to steel sides?

I would like to build this car with wood sides and ends & with braced
steel ends. But did that type construction exist in 1947?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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