Re: Scale jig for grabs ...

Jeff Coleman

I use a scale 3" as the prototype mininum is 2" with most around 2.5-
Jeff Coleman

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I use .030 for grabs. The new FRA rules require 2".

Jim Betz <jimbetz@...> wrote: Hi guys ...

Has any one out there already worked out a table that shows the
correct thickness of styrene to set the distance for grabs or
other details?
What I'm talking about is sliding a piece of styrene in under
the grab in order to get repeatable distances away from the surface
and then removing it before gluing the grab in place. I'm already
doing this but have to admit that I use a piece of styrene that
'looks right' and don't know if I am setting my grabs too close to
or too far from the model.
I can work this all out myself but since I'm certain someone out
there has this info at their finger tips is seems better to ask
here than to work it out myself and make error(s).
- Jim in San Jose

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