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Well, my mom being a Nevadan, I was more or less made to be a desert rat.
I love hot weather (hotter the better), so long as it isn't stupidly

Rob, will you be going to the Bellingham show (or to Cameron this Sunday?)

Frank, leaving this as his last on this subject, lest we go too far
off-topic. :)

Actually, we British Columbian's can manage that horrible Florida weather
quite well - I just stayed inside going to clinics all day and only went
to enjoy the local restaurants after dark. Not sure how my wife and
daughter's managed to not be fried to a crisp in that heat, but I suspect
the hotel pool, the gentle surf at the beach, beach umbrellas and a little
sunscreen were enough....

Rob Kirkham
looking forward to making it back to Prototype Rails at Cocoa Beach in a
couple of years.....
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Here's a suggestion - If you can't go to Springfield how about
Prototype Rails in Cocoa Beach next January? Bob will almost
certainly be there, and at Naperville in October.
Cocoa Beach is in Florida? Next January might be a possibility, though
it's a ways off yet. I live in British Columbia, and manage to go back
east maybe once a year (this year being an exceptional case, made a
trip in January, and heading to SC in June).
I have to caution you: Cocoa Beach in January can have horrible weather:
mid- to upper-70's, or even low 80's, and no clouds to shield you from


-Jeff Aley
Clinic Chairman, Prototype Rails 2008

P.S. Naperville is in the Chicago area.

Jeff Aley
DPG Chipsets Product Engineering
Intel Corporation, Folsom, CA
(916) 356-3533

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