Re: ART reefer replacement parts

pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>

Ed Hawkins:
I have uploaded a pdf that contains modified instructions for
building the ART kits. There were problems with the original
instructions in the first batch of kits as I understand
< InterMountain provided instructions for the PFE R-40-23. More
proper instructions are from the PFE R-40-10
kit, and I have made editorial changes to reflect various parts or
assemblies that are deviations for the ART models. There are also
two views of ART 24000 for reference. These instructions can be
downloaded by going to the RP CYC web site at the following link.
The link is unavailable right now because the data transfer limit
(presumably for today) has been reached. Fear not, because the
replacement part sprues that arrived yesterday included a set of R-
40-10 instructions, edited as Ed mentions. I assume they are the
same as the ones on the RP CYC web site.

Tom Madden

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