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Sorry, I should have been more clear. The car in question is indeed a
BX 57, and there is no map, but instead the "Ship and Travel Santa Fe"
slogan. And I was surprised to see this descrepancy on a Kadee model,
considering their reputation for accuracy.

It looks like the reputation is still intact!!

Steve Kay

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PS painted the Bx-57 series backwards from Santa Fe specs -- they
put slogans on the right side and Ship&Travel on the left. Whenever
the cars were repainted before 1960, this was reversed! (After 1960
the style changed.)

But if you're talking about "map" cars I suppose that must be the
Bx-52 built in 1947. Those should have slogans on the left side as
far as I know.

Kadee is darn careful about stuff, and they only work from photos.
They may have found an oddball car -- they did a "one-of" C&NW car
so why not?

Tim O'Connor

Steve Kay wrote:
I read in MR a few issues back a question about which side of the car
the ATSF put the map and which side it put the slogan. According to
MR (and confirmed in the Champ decal catalog), when you face the side
of the car with the slogan, the brake wheel is on the right.

I checked my cars, and they followed that rule, EXCEPT for one, an
Kadee PS-1 40' El Capitan box, which was reversed.

Do all ATSF map cars follow that rule, or was Kadee correct?
Since Kadee likely got the info from Richard Hendrickson,
you can
be confident it is correct (unless, of course, the factory messed it
up). Richard is in Hawaii at the moment but will surely answer this
when he returns.

Tony Thompson

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