ART Reefers From the Amarillo Railroad Museum and MP Historical Society


It has come to my attention that there is a concern about the roof colors on
our new reefers. In our advertising, we have mentioned that the reefers are
painted in the "as delivered" scheme. While almost correct, I want to point
out that our reefers have Inco Red roofs rather than aluminum roofs. The
reefers were delivered with aluminum roofs, which changed to Inco red in the
mid-1940s. So, this is a mistake in our advertising and I apologize for it. If a
person prefers to paint their cars with the aluminum roofs, please note that
roof hardware (hatches, latches etc.) were Inco red from the start. Only the
main part of the roof was aluminum and the roofwalk was unpainted steel.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know. We did not intend to defraud
or falsely advertise the reefers, as one customer has mentioned in a separate
e-mail. We will correct the advertising as soon as possible.

Jerry Michels
Amarillo Railroad Museum

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