Re: Atlas Trainman C&O Caboose


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I bought the Trainman, "Eastern 4 Window Center Cupola Caboose", used
by the C&O, PM, C&EI etc., Item #945 (undec.)
The Trainman caboose has, to me, for detail purposes, the following
repairable "faults":...............
Paul Hillman
Hi Paul, I've thought of making the MoPac version of the car. I'd suggest you add to your list
of repairable items revising the side steps from the cast iron "tender type" steps which are
correct for the C&O version to the wooden "conventional caboose type" steps of the C&EI and
MoPac versions of the prototype. It would seem a shame to do all of the items you list and
not change what to me is the most obvious difference. Regards, Don Smith

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