Riding the Rails DVD movie

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

I watched a documentary called "Riding the Rails" on DVD last
night. I got it out of the Cuyahoga County Library, check your
local library for availabilty or to get an interlibrary loan.
The movie is a documentary about the 250,000 teens who hopped
freight trains during the depression. It's hearbreaking in parts.
There is some nice archival movie footage showing freight cars from
the era. There is some from a movie called "Wild Boys of the Road"
which was supposed to warn teens about the dangers of hopping
freights. The action in that would be less trustworthy, because the
action was staged for the movie.
However, there are many actual shots of lots of hobos riding on top
of reefers, which is more out in the open than I would have
thought. I was under the impression that they would have to find a
less conspicuous location, to avoid unwelcome attention from the
railroad police.
Much of the freight equipment appears to be SP and CMSt.P&P, but
there is a block of Morell reefers with lettering that covers the
whole side, not just the right side ala Branchline. Are there any
commercially available cars with this version of the lettering? I
may have to watch it again to be sure.
(also posting to the 1914-1940RRing group)
Dean Payne

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