Re: Question about reefer hatches


I would have thought that empty reefers would have hatches opened to
dry out the ice bunkers to avoid mildew, rot, etc. Am I wrong?

-Lee Dennegar
Piscataway, NJ
CNJ on one side, LV and RDG on the other.

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Over on the reefer madness list there is a discussion on the normal
of reefer hatches. I was under the impression that reefer ice
hatches were
normally closed whether the car was loaded or empty unless it was
carrying a load that needed ventilation only, when the hatches were
opened. I
thought I read this on this list, but might be mistaken. Can
anyone confirm
the typical or normal practice?

That is correct. About the only time an empty reefer would have an
open hatch was if a hobo had opened it and was riding on the stage.


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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