Re: Atlas Trainman C&O Caboose

rwitt_2000 <rmwitt@...>

Charlie Vlk wrote:
The cars wood cars are based on the Colorado Midland Side Door
Caboose (albeit with lowered windows so the roadname could be
printed over them!!!!)
Athearn could, with the excecution of new inserts, make something
accurate out of this tooling as the CB&Q, ATSF, CM, MP, NYC and a host
of other railroads had 30' (over the corner posts) wood caboose cars
with radial or peaked roofs. A nice wood beam truck would not only
make a dead-on Q car possible but they could be used on the Sierra
Coach and Combine which have had to make do with archbar trucks
instead of 5' wheelbase passenger trucks.

If anybody from Athearn is listening I have CB&Q drawings on disc
sufficient to build the prototype cars....all wood, wrought, and cast
parts as well as general arrangement drawings.....

I thought Walthers already made a CB&Q caboose with wood beam trucks.

Bob Witt

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