Re: ART HO decals


With the forthcoming Intermountain Undec ART Reefer Kit (due in April for
MSRP $17.95), I thought of what decals may be available to do later schemes than
those offered by the Amarillo Club.

I seem to recall that the 3 herald scheme was not available in HO, which when
some Southern Californians collaborated on a one-piece resin ART car a few
years ago, Jerry Glow printed up the missing 3rd herald on his ALPS printer.
Since I am more interested in the late 50's, is there a useful decal set for the
ART kit for the later scheme(s)? And has the early 50's color 3 herald scheme
since become available?

Any help is appreciated.
-Andy Carlson

I'll go Ed one better, the so-called InterMountain undecorated "ART" car is
one of our rejected test shots, and the undecorated kit for which they have
been painting assembled versions in many bogus paint schemes. The sides will
either not be correct (details such as a padlock on the door might be present),
or the rivet detail will be lacking or inaccurate. I do know positively that
they cannot be correct for ART cars. If they are our cars, then InterMountain
is violating our exclusivity contract with them. Our cars went through six
itterations of new sides before we were satisfied that they were right. These
models might be itteration 1 or 2 or 3... whatever. You might want to wait for
our 1950s scheme cars. Sometimes InterMountain (as Ed might agree) is curious
to work with.

As to decals, I believe Tom Stolte (Oddballs) has the correct "Three" Herald
ART decal set.

Jerry Michels

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