Re: Hauling Grapes By Rail

John Riba

Hello Group,

I live in Westlake,OH and at one time it was the
world's largest shipper of Concord grapes.[or so they
claim].They were shipped in refrigerator cars on the
NKP to the Welch's plant in North East, PA. I knew a
man who loaded them, so it would be before WWII. Now
most of the vineyards are gone,replaced with housing
for people who want to be in the country.
John F. Riba
--- Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Peter J. McClosky wrote:
A promoters view:

These amusing postcards were common early in
the 20th century.
Note in this particular one that the car shown is
one SP never owned
(nor is the car number a gondola number on SP),
ditto for the trucks,
of which SP owned none. As for the size of the
grapes depicted, well,
California really IS a very productive agricultural
state . . .

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