Re: Question about reefer hatches

Tony Thompson

TimO'Connor wrote:
the dampness issue makes me wonder -- how could they use reefers for shipping magazines or books? did they use heaters to try to keep the air dry at least?
Good point, Tim--but I'm not aware of heater use for this purpose. Remember, the interiors were heavily varnished, including the floor racks and the bunker walls. After about 1925, nearly all cars had galvanized steel liners and pans in ice bunkers, so the wood was not in contact with the ice. The interiors could certainly be somewhat damp, but hardly seriously wet (it would have compromised the insulation if that wet, prior to the introduction of fiberglass at the end of the 1930s). Shipping magazines from, say, Philadelphia in July would have provided plenty of ambient damp air <g>.

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