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Think that an attempt is being made to assign a
pattern to what was actually a random event. This is
similar to the "open box car door" issue.

If one of the Western roads gets a 100 car delivery
from an Eastern road at a yard in the Chicago area
before it is humped or switched it would be inspected
and bled. Probably two guys assigned this task or
possibly two pairs working from the ends. The yard I
worked at had only one carman. This inspection would
be concentrated on running gear and safety appliances.

From a time and labor point of view there is no way
anyone could get involved with ice hatches or car

This is just like today's locomotive fueling issue.
Trains rather commonly run out of fuel. Locomotives
are purchased with very large fuel tanks but those
tanks are seldom fueled to capacity. This is a time
and cost issue where decisions are made at the local
level. I have even seen written instructions holding
Engineers responsible for the amount of fuel dispensed
by vendors. I thought it rather silly that an Engineer
had to supervise an outside vendor performing a rather
straight forward task but the instructions were meant
to be taken seriously.

That's just the way it is,

Russ Strodtz

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> I would have thought that empty reefers would have hatches
opened to
> dry out the ice bunkers to avoid mildew, rot, etc. Am I wrong?


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