Re: Atlas Trainman C&O Caboose

Charlie Vlk

Walthers makes a 4- window version riding on UP wood beam trucks.
Athearn, with having tooling in both N and HO (the N Car is based on a D&RGW prototype instead of the CM)
could pick another version and do the trucks for Q (the UP and C&NW liked the design and had their own versions
which they called the "Q" Truck). There are side door, 3- window and visually different versions available in the
basic 30' carbody.
The ATSF wood caboose and other roads' are very similar... at one time St. Charles Car Company built what is the
wood equivalent of the Morrision-International wide vision car of the 60's.... a basic design car with a few variations
(trucks, window placement, details of cupola, etc.) on the same body.
The nice thing about the CB&Q prototype is that they started building them in the 1870s and some (at least from an
accounting never knows if any stick of wood from the original remained) made it through the BN era
almost right to the end of the use of cabooses. Most other roads had long ago replaced their wooden hacks with
something a little more modern... in the 1930s!!! So they are appropriate to trail anything from a 4-4-0 to a SD40-2.
Not bad for a car with wood and iron trucks!!!
Charlie Vlk

I thought Walthers already made a CB&Q caboose with wood beam trucks.
Bob Witt


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