Re: B&O boxcar Duryea underframe


Give me a date and builder & I'll see if we have a B&O Durea
underframe drawing for that car in the Pullman Library - usually $25
for a copy of the builder's linen drawing for personal use only.
Builders currently available are Standard Steel and Pullman.
Ted Anderson, IRM Pullman Library

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I have placed some photos illustrating the Duryea underframe in a
Yahoo photo album at

"" (minus the quotes).

These photos are of M-53 boxcar 381538 located at the Florida
Museum, Parrish (Willow) FL. (, just south of Tampa.

The album also has pictures of M-15NA #374834 and M-15PD #376330
are also located at the Florida Railroad Museum. These two cars
not have the Duryea underframes.

John C.
Clearwater FL

Thank you posting these. Currently, I am not that near any wagon-
boxcars to photograph their underframes. I specially appreciate
photos of the M-53. The B&O Museum has a M-53A in its collection.
Duryea underframe applied to the M-53A is structurally different
the one use on the original class M-53.


Bob Witt, Indianapolis, Indiana

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