Re: Atlas Trainman C&O Caboose

Paul Hillman


Thanks for bringing up the point about the steps. I hadn't noticed
that yet and it is a very important detail factor.

I went and looked at my C&O and C&EI photos and saw that difference.

I know that the MoPac had control/influence over the C&EI off & on,
or something, and took-over/absorbed the C&EI in the 1970's, or
something to that affect. I'd have to re-research. But, did the MoPac
involvement with the C&EI produce exact or similar versions of this
caboose as a result? If so, MoPac photos/data would also contribute
to this C&EI car's detail research.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

Don Smith wrote:

Hi Paul, I've thought of making the MoPac version of the car. I'd
suggest you add to your list of repairable items revising the side
steps from the cast iron "tender type" steps which are correct for
the C&O version to the wooden "conventional caboose type" steps of
the C&EI and MoPac versions of the prototype. It would seem a shame
to do all of the items you list and not change what to me is the most
obvious difference.

Regards, Don Smith

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