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While doing research on steel ice refrigerator car NP 91366 which
at the Northwest Railway Museum I found the following info on this
car with dates from its visit to the NP ice dock in Seattle. Notice
the entry for October 2, 1962.

Richard Wilkens

Visits by Northern Pacific Refrigerator Car NP 91366
To Seattle Ice Dock 1960 – 1962

May 10, 1960 Re-ice with chunk ice, no salt

November 27, 1961 Install 1 heater, set for 57 ½ degrees for

December 31, 1961 Refuel heaters and set for 55 degrees for bananas

July 23, 1962 Re-ice with 500# ice each end for bananas

October 2, 1962 Reverse vents for bananas

December 17, 1962 Reverse heaters and set for 55 degrees for

December 31, 1962 Install heaters for bananas
Does this mean that, at least in the '60's, banana ships came to
Seattle for eastward loading? I had always thought that bananas came
through Gulf Coast ports and went all over vis I.C. and G.M.& O..
Bill Williams

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