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Charlie Vlk

I knew "Wood Street Yard"..... Not Robey.... but had a brain fart.
Charlie Vlk

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Right, I've been there. The sellers started early
and the usual desired spot time at Wood Street, Morgan
Street and Racine was 0500.

Robey Street was a B&OCT engine facility, not the name
of any yard. CB&Q had an interlocking there but spelled
it "Roby Street".

Russ Strodtz
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There is a C&NW film that shows the interior of the Potato Yard
Office at Robey Street... there was a chalkboard
with the spots for each track painted on it and the car number
and load were chalked on it by the Yardmaster or
the guy in charge of the Terminal. I am sure that this gave the
switch crews the information they needed to remove
empties and which cars had to stay on spot or be moved at the
direction of the Terminal Manager.
The alleys in between the tracks were paved for the teams/trucks
of the buyers to directly offload the cars as was
described in a previous post; I imagine that the switching took
place after market hours in order to avoid all the
civilians and their vehicles.
Charlie Vlk

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