Re: Feb photo of the month

Steve and Barb Hile


This is an outstanding feature! Sort of like having R.H. at your mouse

I hope that you can keep all the "Shots of the Month" around to allow us to
go back and savor.


Steve Hile

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Typical freight car fanatics - they ignore the
directions! I actually put wording (in obviously too
small a font) that you can click on a car to learn
more about it. That will be the case with all of the
Shot of the Month series. Move your cursors, even
some of the small cars are 'clickable'


--- Roger J Miener <Roger.Miener@...>
Dave Nelson is intrigued by the "photo of the month"
currently showing
on Ted Culotta's Steam Era Freight Cars web site at
by noting, amongst other details ...

The C&NW car behind the reefers has a steel running
board -- it
looks like it was painted black as was the roof.
What's really fun is to range the cursor over the
various cars in the
yard. Try it by hovering over the C&NW car in
question. Way cool -
the cursor turns into a hand meaning that you can
click on the car and
go somewhere. Do click. You'll go to somewhere
neat that might
possibly shed some light on the question of whether
the roof walk is
painted, and if so, what the likely color was.
Quite a few of the
cars in the photo are "clickable". Try them all.

BTW, I figured out this "click on the car" stuff by
accident. I was
so taken by the photo that I never looked above it
to see the words
"Click on a car to learn more about it". It was
only after I had
clicked on a car or two that I happened to look up
and see the
invitation. Smooth move Ted - wonderful web site.

Roger Miener
at Tacoma WA

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