Re: C&EI "Magor" copies

Paul Hillman

Jerry Michels,

Thanks for your info. I went to the MPHS and ordered their MP Caboose
book. Not cheap!,...but 400 pages of apparently deep-data.

It says it covers the MoPac & C&EI, and their other RR's in great
detail on the "Magor" type cabooses, and extensively all their RR's
other types.

Perhaps it will also reveal some info on another C&EI caboose that
I've been searching for,....a 4 window (per-side), wood, center-
coupola, truss-rod type. This type caboose seems to appear on pages
13 & 38, in Edward DeRouin's book, "C&EI RR In Color", but the CEIHS
has yet been unable to identify it. I used to see this type caboose
on the C&EI Clearing-freights in Chicago, in the early 1960's.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

In STMFC@..., asychis@... wrote:

My information indicates that the C&EI "Magor-type" cabooses were
built in 1947 by ACF. They were numbered 1-6 and all retired by mid-
1977. They were assigned MoPac numbers 13952-13958, but it is
doubtful these numbers were ever applied.

The book "Cabooses of the Missouri Pacific Lines" (available from the
Missouri Pacific Historical Society) covers the C&EI Magor copies and
MoPac Magor and Magor copies in depth.

Jerry Michels

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