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Never put bananas in the refrigerator means after they are ripened. They will turn black. Ship bananas at 45/50 degrees while they are green if you want to keep them green. Higher degrees will start them ripening.
I worked in a produce house in Salina Ks. We had three banana rooms I unloaded a car into the first room and it was set at 45 degrees and the bananas were green
The second room was full and was holding at 45 degrees.
The third room was set at 70 degrees and the bananas were ripe and were being sold to the stores. When that room got down to a two day supply room 2 was raised to 70 degrees and the bananas started to ripen. It took about two days to ripen them.
When room one one went mty it was set at 45 degrees and I unloaded the next cat to arrive into it. And the whole routine started again.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
Boca Raton FL
I was born with nothing and
I have most of it left

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Chiquita used to say:
"NEVER put bananas in the refrigerator!"
I assume she had box cars in mind.

Andy Miller

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My understanding is that the majority of the bananas came in thru
East Coast and Gulf ports - originally - and then that there were
changes in shipping and in the overall demand (due as much to
as anything else) and so some of the bananas started to be shipped
to West Coast ports via the Panama Canal. As population grew in the
West more and more of the supply of bananas to the West coast came
to the West Coast via the canal. Then, later on, additional sources of
bananas started to be used that were shipped to the U.S. from Pacific
ports. With modern refridgeration bananas and other perishables can
be shipped by almost any route because they are loaded into containers
that each have their own temperature control mechanisms.
Enough general overview - I know that there were cars such as the
W.I.F. cars that at least advertised bananas - but those cars were
box cars. Were bananas shipped without refridgeration in the
STMFC era?
- Jim in San Jose

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