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My understanding is that the majority of the bananas came in thru
East Coast and Gulf ports. . . Were bananas shipped without
refrigeration. . .

I grew up in Weehawken, NJ, )in New York Harbor) in sight of the
United Fruit Co. banana facility (of which I had a birds-eye view from
atop the Palisades).

NYC had an ice plant and two icing platforms in Weehawken, one
platform was adjacent to the pier. I never saw anything but 40-foot
steel reefers at the United Fruit facility. The majority were MDT
cars, with a few NRC's. This was in the d----l era, early sixties, but
I doubt that the operation had changed much since the end of steam.

The ice plant was located near the 48th Street tunnel portal and ice
was moved to the icing platform near the banana pier, a half mile or
so, in a couple of 40-foot wood MDT cars. I don't clearly recall, but
I'd bet the cars were iced in warmer weather and not in the winter.
I've read that the optimum temperature for storage and transport of
bananas is 56-58 degrees, so perhaps not much ice was used.

Walt Lankenau

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