Re: Riding the Rails DVD movie

Phil Clark


Thanks for the 'heads up'. I'll order one from
<> but I am reminded that I must check my
Samsung DVD player (origin Malaysia). The TV is multi-region. Amazon
say; Region 1 encoding (requires a North American or multi-region DVD
player and NTSC compatible TV.

Phil Clark, ALTON UK.

--- In STMFC@..., "Dean Payne" deanpayne@ wrote:
I watched a documentary called "Riding the Rails" on DVD last
night. I got it out of the Cuyahoga County Library, check your
local library for availabilty...Dean Payne
A second viewing shows 2 Morrell Ham reefers (ala Branchline #1317)
followed by a truss rod reefer with the "Morrell Pride" ... > Dean

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