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Russ Strodtz wrote:
As to cleaning the customers would only do as much cleaning as
necessary to unload the car. These paved areas would gradually
to get cluttered with pallets, broken crates, and whatever and
have to be periodically cleaned up. The road that switched the
terminal would not be interested in doing anything other than
sure all the doors were closed . . .
Russ is exactly right. And often broken crates, rotted or
unsalable produce, and all kinds of other trash were simply thrown
the cars and the doors fastened. The PFE managers I interviewed
rather strongly about the amounts of trash removed from cars at PFE
cleaning tracks. I heard nothing about any effort to clean them
than their arrival at PFE facilities, usually North Platte on the
and Tucson on the SP. There might also be body ice in the car, and
drains had become blocked, ice remaining in the bunkers. (The ice
quickly removed by hot water from hoses.)
PFE and SFRD had many active agents in eastern cities,
their job was to make sure empties were promptly moved westward
not confiscated), not to check on open ice hatches or to clean
Certainly for PFE, all decisions on cleaning and repair were made
the cars arrived at a PFE facility.
When I went to work in 1960 on the IC, I always observed what was
going on at the Chicago Produce Terminal (CPT) as our train passed
by. There was always several piles of body ice alongside cars, and
broken cases and pallets lying on the ground next to open cars. Don't
know if they were picked up and disposed of, or thrown back into the
cars after they was unloaded. The IC (and ATSF) switchmen who worked
the CPT jobs never had to go into the produce department at their
local grocery stores. Mty PFE's were used at Freeport, IL for years,
for loading W T Rawleigh products going to the west coast. The
carmen inspected the mty's to find the cleanest and driest cars for
this loading.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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