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The following site documnets the early beginnings of the W T Rawleigh Company.

I just thought you might like to know of the company from it's beginnings.

Todd K. Stearns

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Chet- What were the W T Rawleigh products going to the west coast?


Bob Chaparro
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> When I went to work in 1960 on the IC, I always observed what was
> going on at the Chicago Produce Terminal (CPT) as our train passed
> by. There was always several piles of body ice alongside cars, and
> broken cases and pallets lying on the ground next to open cars.
> know if they were picked up and disposed of, or thrown back into
> cars after they was unloaded. The IC (and ATSF) switchmen who
> the CPT jobs never had to go into the produce department at their
> local grocery stores. Mty PFE's were used at Freeport, IL for
> for loading W T Rawleigh products going to the west coast. The
> carmen inspected the mty's to find the cleanest and driest cars for
> this loading.
> Chet French
> Dixon, IL

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