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I totally disagree with you on color and taste. Anything past yellow with a bit of green in is beyond good taste. I love them green with the yellow just starting to break. But that is me. Black is ready for the garbage pail. But my wife will eat most any color banana.
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Larry Jackman
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On Mar 21, 2007, at 5:15 PM, Anthony Thompson wrote:

Andy Miller wrote:
Chiquita used to say:
"NEVER put bananas in the refrigerator!"
I assume she had box cars in mind.
It's already been explained that this refers to ripe ones. And for
those who don't know, the skin of a ripe or nearly ripe table banana
turning brown or black does NOT affect the interior, at least not for
several days. So you don't really "ruin" the banana in the
refrigerator, though it's understandably not very salable in a market
with darkened skin.

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