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Jim Betz wrote:
My understanding is that the majority of the bananas came in thru East Coast and Gulf ports...n[snip] Were bananas shipped without refridgeration in the STMFC era?
Dave Nelson replied:
A search thru the archives will turn up several old threads where bananna shipments were discussed in detail. I don't recall if any dealt with your question specifically but there certain was discussion about ports, preferred cariers, shipment routes, service levels, and the obligatory side track of why Richard and Tony don't like the Pennsy. 8-)
There are specific details in the PFE book (p. 372). Recommended shipping temperatures are tabulated on p. 345. No need to read the opinions of past posts <g>.
BTW, Dave, though I can't speak for Richard, I don't dislike the Pennsy, I just find its fans excessively reverent towards it. Poking fun at such people is irresistible. Fact is, the Pennsy had plenty to be humble about, as did nearly all railroads.

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