Re: C&EI "Magor" copies

Tony Thompson

Russ Strodtz wrote:
"While it has nothing to do with waycars, I thought the SLSF was the road that had been involved with the C&EI for many years."
Paul Hillman replied:
According to Edward DeRouin's, "C&EI In Color", page 9;
"Frisco purchased C&EI on Oct. 1, 1902."
,...apparently in 1913,...."...Frisco dragged the C&EI into bankruptcy and a court appointed receivership."
"On Dec. 13, 1920 the C&EI was reorganized."
After that time, I don't see the SLSF mentioned again as being
involved with the C&EI.
According to the Kalmbach "Historical Guide" book, that's all correct. In 1926 the Van Sweringens acquired control of C&EI but didn't do much with it. In 1940 the road was again reorganized and in 1959 began merger discussions with Missouri Pacific (with which it had enjoyed friendly relations for some time). Mopac acquired control in 1963 and merged the C&EI into itself in 1976.

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