Re: Tichy USRA boxcar weights

Brian Paul Ehni <behni@...>

Your kit must have shipped without the nuts. Go to a Home Depot/Lowes and
get some replacements, or just weigh the car and add lead to suit NMRA

Brian Ehni

From: James Mischke <>
Organization: Panther Hollow Press
Reply-To: <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 20:35:18 -0700
To: Steam Era Freight Car Group <>
Subject: [STMFC] Tichy USRA boxcar weights

I notice that the Tichy USRA boxcar kit has no weights. The
floor does have hexagonal ridges to accept a pair of hex nuts.
The directions are silent on weights.

What size hex nuts accomodate these features? Are they about
an ounce each? Is that hex nut size good for boxcars in

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