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Wood Street also handled Onions. From the number of
open hatches this may be the Onion end of the layout
or a shot during the small Spring or Fall periods
when potatoes could be handled with ventilation only.

The freight yard to the left belong to the C&NW.
Beyond and to the left of it was the B&OCT Lincoln
Street Coach Yard and the Robey Street Roundhouse.

To the right of this photo, (Which is facing East
towards downtown), there were at least six or seven
more pairs of tracks which would have gradually gotten
longer. Between the South border of the Wood Street
terminal and the CB&Q main was the CB&Q Western Ave
roundhouse where all passenger power was serviced.

Off in the smoke in the distance would have been the
C&NW Morgan Street unloading area for produce in general.
At that point the C&NW and CB&Q were side by side on
the same elevation above the streets. The CB&Q had a
small produce unloading area at Racine Ave. almost
directly across from Morgan Street.

Moving further East the C&NW mains lined up directly
with the St Charles Airline. The CB&Q connected with the
Airline via crossovers at the Union Avenue interlocking.

While the C&NW and CB&Q shared the same elevation the
B&OCT was about a block North on it's own. The SOO and
CGW also used the B&OCT trackage. The two double track
bridges over the Chicago river were side by side.


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looks to me like some judicious airbrushing has 'cleaned up' the
place a bit

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