Re: Tichy USRA boxcar weights

bdg1210 <Bruce_Griffin@...>


Mine has the nuts, while I don't know off hand there nominal size, I
measured them for you. They are six sided and are .7347 inches on the
wrench flats (minimum exterior dimension) and the interior dimension
(clearance, inside of threads) .4228 inches, chromed steel. Height is
.4227 inches. I think its about a 1/2 inch course thread nut, maybe
one size up. Been a while since I fooled with full-size stuff.

Bruce D. Griffin
Summerfield, NC

--- In, James Mischke <jmischke@...> wrote:

I notice that the Tichy USRA boxcar kit has no weights. The
floor does have hexagonal ridges to accept a pair of hex nuts.
The directions are silent on weights.

What size hex nuts accomodate these features? Are they about
an ounce each? Is that hex nut size good for boxcars in

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