Alps decal printer for hire?


Would someone with a working Alps decal printer be willing to help a freight
car fan on short notice?

There is a retirement happening next week at work, and I'd like to have a
line of type and reporting marks and car numbers for a presentation. Simple
stuff, white letters. This fellow unloaded tank cars since the days when tank
cars had wooden running boards and vertical staff brakes. Since the Weaver
50' tank car exactly represents a big part of current fleet at work, that's
the basis for this presentation.

Name your price.

Please contact me off list at _mdelvec952@...
(mailto:mdelvec952@...) or _michael.j.delvecchio@...
(mailto:michael.j.delvecchio@...) .

Thanks very much in advance. In a bind -- a friend nearby who has a
printer hasn't been able to get to it for a month.

My appologies for wasting the bandwith for most of you.

Mike Del Vecchio

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