Re: ADMIN: Re: Pennsy, Arrogance, and Bad Management,What? Think again!

Peter J. McClosky <pmcclosky@...>

Mike Brock wrote:

... Thus, while the x29 [
note, no "-" <G> ] and its many variations may have been obsolete well
before production ceased, a model of a RR during the period should
have many
examples running about. After all, modeling a real RR is the process of
creating an "accurate" impression of it, including models of obsolete cars
of other RR's that might be found on it.

I started looking at trains a 4 year old living one long block from the SP Chandler (Burbank) branch in the very early 1950's. (Off topic, but I even saw a very strange, for a 4 year old, locomotive running on it. It was running backwards and had the tender behind the smoke box door... A cab forward, but I did not know of them!)

I do not remember seeing a single Pennsy car until I move closer to Taylor yard, in the late 50's.

In my new home, I could see, and with binoculars examine, the SP Main Line in Glendale, CA, and it was on that line that I saw my first Pennsy car (a "small" box car).

To keep this steam era and freight car related, in my HO model fleet, I have exactly 1 (one) Pennsy box car.

I model the SP in the transition era, and I do not plan on acquiring any more Pennsy cars.

Peter J. McClosky

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